MyPiano Beyer 5 1.0

MyPiano Beyer 5 1.0



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Date Added:19 February, 2014

Author: Yaramaika Corporation

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This is the fifth volume of our Beyer series, it is the continuation of MyPiano Beyer 4.

When practicing paint or calligraphy for example, you have a model to refer to. However for piano lessons, when you come back home, the teacher is no longer there to help you.
At home, you can use My Piano: set your iphone or ipad next to your piano and listen to the model played by our teachers.
No age requirement is needed to use My Piano.
My Piano remembers the lesson you were practicing last time and automatically jumps up to this lesson when you start the application.
You may also want to train on a specific part of the lesson. You can set starting/end points and use the repeat functionality in order to practice this part over and over.
Our lessons are faithful to the Beyer score, we use no variations.
The Music Score that we use is: Vorschule im klavierspiel op.101 by Ferdinand Beyer. The sheet music is not provided in the application.
The sound is recorded live by our dedicated teachers.
For each lesson you can select the demonstration which is the lesson played normally, you may also select to hear it played slowly, or to hear only the left or right hand.

1. Plays automatically
My Piano remembers the lesson you were practicing last time and automatically starts playing it when you open the application.

2. Select the lesson mode
4 lesson modes are available:
- Demo : the model, the lesson played normally.
- Slowly : tempo of about 60% of the model track (both hands)
- Right hand : tempo of about 80% of the model track (right hand only)
- Left hand : tempo of about 80% of the model track (left hand only)
Note: For some lessons only 3 modes are available.

3. Lock a lesson to practice it over and over
Use the œlock button in order to lock a lesson and prevent the application from going to the next lesson. When you re-open the application, the locked lesson will start playing automatically.
Use the repeat button in order to repeat this lesson over and over.

4. Select a part of the lesson to practice repeatedly
Sometimes you may want to practice only a part of the lesson, simply specify the start point (A) and end point (B) while listening to the music.
Use the repeat button in order to repeat this part over and over.
Note: This setting is lost when the iphone/ipad is turned off.

5. Animated piano keyboard
While the music is being played, enjoy the animated piano keys. The animation does not reproduce the music being played.

6. Select your own background picture
You can hide the interface (lesson list, animated piano keyboard..) and enjoy the background picture. You may use one of the three provided pictures, or you may upload your favorite pictures using the file sharing feature in iTunes. You may switch between pictures using the provided buttons or using the flick gesture.

7. Additional Features
We tried to make the interface as simple as possible so that you may concentrate on your piano practice.
- You can start over from the beginning by taping on the lesson mode button.
- In order to ease your practice, we have added a metronome sound. For the model track there is no metronome sound, except for the first Beyer lessons.
- All our lessons have been recorded by an experienced piano teacher.

8. Difference between the free version and paid version
The interface and functionalities are exactly same.
The free version contains only 3 lessons: Beyer No.17, No.49, No.89 (track 3)

* More Beyer lessons coming soon in the MyPiano series.

Due to My Piano's download size, we recommend to download it using a Wifi environment or via your computer's iTunes.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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